Columbine is fortunate to have employees of the highest caliber, whose focus on the single mission of delivering high quality well site geology services is what makes our company successful. Maintaining a strong safety culture and delivering superior safety performance is achieved by having dedicated and engaged leadership working with a committed and skilled workforce. Together, we work toward achieving a workplace free of injuries, illnesses and incidents. We will continue to work towards ensuring the health and safety of all employees so we can maintain this extraordinary level of commitment and continue to attract the best employees at every level of our organization.

β€œAt Columbine we believe that our only true resource is our employees. To that end, we provide the training necessary not only for professional development, but also for safety awareness and hazard recognition to provide a safe working and traveling environment.”
-Tad Jones, President


We demonstrate our respect for our employees and clients with an unyielding commitment to safety. To ensure a safe and healthy workplace, we implement several programs and operate around an employee and client evaluation system to monitor our progress and adapt new safety practices.

Our management principles include:

  • An integration of safety, environmental and health objectives and targets into our business strategies and plans with the implementation of HSE Management Systems.
  • Complying with safety, environmental and health laws, regulations, standards, and ordinances in each of the states in which we do business.
  • Educating employees with respect to safety, environmental and health performance and provide training to assist employees in performing their responsibilities.
  • Strive for an injury-free workplace through regular safety training and the belief that incidents and injuries are potentially preventable by implementing appropriate risk control measures.


Safety leadership is the responsibility of management, but employee participation is a key component to our safety efforts. We deploy a Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) program to foster an incident free culture of safety companywide. This program results in an increase of safety awareness and engagement of safety behaviors, as well as recognition for these positive safety behaviors. We strive to promote reporting of both actual incidents and near misses. Though a near miss does not actually result in immediate consequences, we recognize that it could have resulted in an injury, property damage, or environmental impact. The best way to create a safe workplace in a potentially unsafe work environment is to take all incidents seriously and use them to promote safer practices.


  • 2013 TRIR 0.63
  • 2013 EMR 0.89
  • Premium Cost Containment Certified since 2013
  • ISNetworld Member since 2011
  • PECSafety Member since 2011
  • DISA
    • Third Party Drug and Alcohol Administrator
  • Team Professional Services
    • Third Party Drug and Alcohol Administrator
  • SafetySkills
    • Global Compliance Training Administrator
  • Colorado Safety Association Membership since 2013