Advanced Cuttings and Gas Analysis

Mass Spectrometry is an analytical instrument we use to provide advanced data beyond the C1–C5, CO2, and H2S provided from the Bloodhound.

The Mass Spec provides:
C1-C10 petroleum species; standard gas ratios
BTEX compounds and organic acids
Inorganics including N2, Ar, O2, H2O, CO2, He, and H2
Sulfur bearing compounds including SO2, COS, and CS2
Formation gas vs. drilling mud and additives
Bit generated gas
90 second cycle time; 10 ppb sensitivity
Depth-based and time-based data

Experimental method used in many carbonate lithologies to determine the percent of limestone, dolomite, and non-carbonate rocks in the formation.

XRF = X-ray fluorescence for elemental analysis by on-site hand held instrument or laboratory testing.

XRD = X-ray diffraction mineral identification, including clay species, by laboratory testing.

Isotube = In line gas sample collection method for advanced analysis of gases off-site.

Isojar = Method of cutting sample preservation for future testing off-site.